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A multi-faceted musician, composer, and musicologist, Jeff’s career began early. At the age of 17, after studying contrabass with world renowned musical pioneer Bertram Turetzky, Jeff joined the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Three years later, in 1979, he left the orchestra to pursue his interest in period music, specializing in unusual 19th-century string instruments such as the bandolon, quinton, and balalaika. After seven months of research in London, Jeff returned to San Diego to found the well-known sea shanty band, "The Jackstraws".

     Jeff has contributed much to the revival of klezmer music, collaborating with noted violinist/filmmaker,Yale Strom, since 1980. In 1989, he formed the popular San Diego-based band "The Electrocarpathians", exploring the fusion of rock and Eastern European folk music. In 1993, Jeff and Yale joined with long-time friend classical guitarist Fred Benedetti, saxophonist, Tripp Sprague, and Afro-Cuban drummer/percussionist Gene Perry to form the fusion group "Klazzj" (jazz + klezmer).

     He served as the guitar instructor at the Bishop’s school for eight years. This resulted in 'Sixteen Etudes', an intermediate-level instruction manual.

     The release of "Alterations Garden" in 1999 was a culmination of his life’s work to that date; a mellifluous marriage of art and technique which had allowed him to draw from a wide range of musical heritages. This elegant collection of original contrabass-centered compositions represents an artistic maturity; a musical "coming of age" which displays a vibrant originality, a revealing poetry of sound.

Jeff is the bassist on Richard Greene's most recent album, Shufflin'. Since June 2004, he has also worked as an arranger for Canum Entertainment. In 2006, he was the bassist for the theatrical documentary 'Primal Twang', backing up Dan Crary, Eric Johnson, Albert Lee, Mason Williams and other major artists.