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Their music is the sound of culture, the beat of history, performed with humor and irreverence!  Experience the haunting rhythms and provocative melodies of Eastern European music mixed with classic Rock and Latin Standards.   Folk music played on native instruments and sung in many languages. Parties, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvas, House Concerts, Street Fairs, etc. 

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Jeff grew up in San Diego; his teachers were Federico Silva and Bert Turetzky. He was the youngest member of the San Diego Symphony when he joined the contrabass section at age seventeen. He performed with the orchestra from 1975-79, leaving to pursue his interest in world music. He is a bandleader, fronting The Electrocarpathians, an Eastern European folk/rock fusion ensemble, and other specialty groups. In addition he is the principal arranger for filmmaker and composer Yale Strom. This collaboration included several documentaries, two ballets, and the orchestral work "Aliyot," performed by the St. Louis Symphony. In 2006 he was the bassist for Dan Crary's musical documentary 'Primal Twang', backing up Eric Johnson, Albert Lee, Mason Williams, and other major artists.


Beatriz Basile is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In a typical performance of the Electrocarpathians, she plays the double bass (while Jeff plays bouzouki or guitar), sings, and cracks jokes about anything from the weather to Jeff's apparent obsession with little-known music! With some encouragement she might pull out a champagne bottle and do the Paraguayan bottle dance- she began dancing professionally at the age of six.

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ethnic music for everyone

"In the old days in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe, Jeff Pekarek's Czech ancestors played exotic instruments and danced with bottles on their heads.  In South America, a world apart, Beatriz Basile's Argentine ancestors played exotic instruments and danced with bottles on their heads.  Could two people be more right for each other?"   On Air Magazine 1992    "Ethnicity doesn't have to be isolated to be beautiful.  Plurality in ethnicity is really great." JP
MELISMATA performs authentic renaissance music, period music [18th & 19th centuries] from the British Isles, and renaissance/rock fusion. [3 to 5 musicians]

Celtic Music at its Best

Jeff with irish group

Jeff Pekarek (also known as Jeff Basile) is available for hire as a freelance sideman (backing instrumentalist) as well. [shown here performing alongside Irish drummer Dave Page, in the Brian Baynes Band]

BLACKTHORNE'S MARITIME BAND performs sea shanties, barracks ballads, and drinking songs from the repertoire of the British Tar and the Yankee Sailor, blended with authentic pieces from many 19th century ports of call. They also offer an educational show for children. Available in maritime and safari costume.

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