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UMPIRES OF STRAW: Review from All Music Guide

Despite being advertised as "performed by California Surfer Gypsy Punk Rockers", the arrangements of this collection of Slavic folk tunes are fairly typical. This is good-tymey dancin' Gypsy music, with a few tracks even bordering on klezmer. While most of the instruments are acoustic, a slightly distorted guitar comes into play at times, but that never fouls up any sort of authentic feel from any of the songs. And, if nothing else, the Electrocarpatians can go on record (or CD, as it were) as having one of the greatest band names ever. ~ Jeremy Salmon, All Music Guide


Album Credits

The Electrocarpathians

Primary Artist Jeff Pekarek * Vocals, Bouzouki, Guitar
Beatriz Basile * Bass
Louis Fanucchi * Accordion
Teresa Mross * Violin
Yale Strom * Violin
Ian Shields * Percussion

John Archer * Mastering
Fred Benedetti * Engineer
Harry Bolick * Design

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Beatriz Basile on Double Bass







Lou Fanucchi, accordion
Teresa Mross, violin





Jeff Basile Pekarek